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Quality Dental Implants in Cuyahoga Falls

a couple with dental implants in Cuyahoga Falls, OHMissing teeth can dramatically alter your smile and impact your quality of life. Fortunately, modern dentistry has the solution: dental implants. Dr. Maria Papich-Forsyth offers reliable dental implant treatment at Cuyahoga Falls Dental Arts. This innovative treatment can replace an entire tooth from root to crown, giving you function and stability while also looking natural within your smile.

We take every step to ensure that your dental implant looks, feels, and functions like a real tooth. Whether you need a single tooth replaced or several, our team can handle the entire treatment, from implant placement to restoration. Our comfortable and friendly atmosphere makes every aspect of your treatment a positive experience. Find out how we can restore your smile with dental implants today!


Do I Qualify for Dental Implants?

dental implants in {city}If you’re missing a tooth or need an extraction and are ready to consider replacement options, you’ve likely considered a dental implant. But how do you know if it’s the right option for you?

Many patients who’ve lost one or more teeth can qualify for a dental implant. The treatment is highly versatile and can replace any number of teeth, from a single tooth to an entire dental arch. Implants work by placing a titanium post into the jaw, where it bonds with the bone to create permanent support. The implant dentist then secures the restoration, which can be a single crown, a bridge, or denture.

Determining whether you qualify starts with a thorough exam. There are a few important factors that decide whether an implant will work for you. First, you’ll need adequate bone density to support the implant so it can withstand daily chewing force. You also need to have decent oral health and no signs of gum disease. These problems can be addressed with pre-treatments if you don’t immediately qualify for dental implants.

Dr. Maria will conduct a careful exam to see how well an implant would work for you. She and our team are always open about all your treatment options and happy to answer any questions you might have.

Bone Grafts for Successful Dental Implant Treatment

If your jawbone is weak or thin, you may still be able to enjoy the benefits that dental implants offer. A bone graft is a treatment that adds new bone material to the area to make it stronger and healthier, making room for an implant post. Dr. Maria can provide a bone graft using natural or synthetic bone, creating a stable base for your new dental implant.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants continue to grow in popularity as an option for tooth replacement, and it isn’t hard to see why. As the only treatment that can replace the root as well as the crown, they provide several benefits that other replacements don’t. With our Cuyahoga Falls dental implant solutions, you can enjoy:

Permanent Results: Dental implant surgery is a one-time process. Once an implant post is placed, it bonds directly with the bone, making it a lasting part of your jaw. Even if the crown or denture is broken or worn, replacing it is simple and noninvasive.

Better Oral Health: Dental implants support your health in multiple ways, from preserving jawbone density to keeping your bite from shifting.

Easy Oral Hygiene: An implant-supported crown doesn’t require special care at home. You can simply brush the crown just as you do your natural teeth.

A More Youthful Aesthetic: Dental implants provide chewing stimulation to the jawbone, which keeps it from shrinking due to osseointegration. Preserving the jaw keeps your face looking younger and fuller.

Better Bite Function: Missing teeth can affect the way you speak, chew, and even smile. Your implant-supported restoration is customized to fit naturally into your smile so that it looks and acts like real teeth. You’ll be able to enjoy all the things you used to with normal teeth.

The Cuyahoga Falls Dental Implant Process

senior man checking out his smile after getting Cuyahoga Falls, OH Dental implantsDr. Maria offers complete dental implant treatment from start to finish, so you have one reliable team managing your care. She starts treatment with a full exam to determine whether you qualify for implants, as well as what type of restoration to use and how many implants you’ll need to support it.

Once your treatment plan is finalized, she can place the implants here in our office. If your case is especially complex, Dr. Maria will work with a specialist to ensure that you receive the most effective care. The implant posts need time to bond with your jawbone before the restoration can be placed, usually a few months. We can provide a temporary restoration as needed to support your dental function until healing is complete.

After your implant posts are fully integrated, you return to our office to have your custom restoration placed. Dr. Maria will make any last-minute adjustments to ensure your bite feels completely comfortable. With the restoration in place, you can now enjoy your new, fully functional smile for many years to come.

Reliable Dental Implant Treatment in Cuyahoga Falls

If you’re ready to explore the possibility of dental implants, Cuyahoga Falls Dental Arts is the team for you. Dr. Maria and our staff are passionate about helping you enjoy your best smile through quality treatments and an inviting atmosphere. We do all we can to make your treatment experience a positive and rewarding one.

Our dental office is conveniently located on Graham Rd, just off Hwy 8. Schedule your visit to learn more about our dental implant options today!


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